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3 Year Fixed 2.74%Get this rate 2.49%Get this rate45 day rate guarantee, INSURED only, 20/20 pre-payment
4 Year Fixed 2.84%Get this rate 2.74%Get this rate45 day close, 20/20 pre-payment,
5 Year Fixed 2.89%Get this rate 2.79%Get this rate30 day close, 20/20 pre-pay, no rentals, no pre-approvals
3 Year Variable 2.35%Get this rate 2.30%Get this rate30 day rate guarantee, 20/20 pre-pay
5 Year Variable 2.35%Get this rate 2.19%Get this rate30 day close, Insured only, 20/20 pre-payment, No rentals
10 Year Fixed 4.39%Get this rate 4.25%Get this rate30 day rate guarantee, 20/20 pre-pay, $300k min mortgage
2 Year Fixed 2.54%Get this rate 2.49%Get this rate45 day rate guarantee, 20/20 pre-payment
HELOC 3.25%Get this rate 3.00%Get this rateHELOC, Doctors Only, no rentals
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Working with James Harrison from for the refinancing of my home during my divorce has been an absolutely amazing experience.  Being self employed, we don’t always have the same access or options to regular lenders or rates as individuals who are employed.  We’re always considered ‘higher risk’.  Not only did James get me exactly what I needed, he also got me exactly what I wanted in a rate I could maintain on my own.  He understood my position and helped me get the financing I needed to keep my home.  He’s extremely thorough and works with haste to get you what you need, when you need it.

Thanks so much James for helping me during a serious time of need.

I look forward to referring my friends and family to you.