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What Credit Score Is Needed For A Mortgage In Canada


what credit score is needed for a mortgage in canadaWe all know that credit plays an important role in whether you qualify for a mortgage or not, but few of us know precisely know what a lender looks for when they look at your credit. If you are applying for a mortgage in Canada, one of the first things they will check is your credit score. Read More…

Mortgage Education

Should I Buy a New Condo or a Resale?

should i buy a new condo or a resale

If you are on the market for a condo in Toronto, one of the pressing questions many have is whether to buy an existing condo or one that is brand new. Both have pros and cons which you should weigh carefully before you decide. Naturally, the thought of something pristine and unlived in has its appeal, but there are factors to consider first. Read More…

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Understanding How Mortgage Penalties Work


how Mortgage penalties workMortgage penalties are an important part of any mortgage agreement, but many homeowners only find out about how Mortgage penalties work when they have to pay them. Shopping for a mortgage should always include the best possible scenario for the homeowner based on their future needs. Read More…