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Mortgages.ca is a Toronto-based team of top performing mortgage brokers. They work with home buyers and major lenders to find their clients perfectly matched mortgage products.

Mortgages.ca arranges the very best rates, terms, and products on the market at all times for their clients. James and Steve Harrison are the brothers at the helm of the company, and they pride themselves on saving their clients time, money and stress. The cost? 100% free. Most of all, they work for you, and they are paid by the lender when your mortgage has been finalized.

As a client, you pay nothing!
You have nothing to lose, and great
rates to gain.

mortgage brokers - James Harrison

James Harrison

President and Founder

James Harrison, AMP
Mortgage Broker
FSCO Lic. M12001773
Mortgage Architects Brokerage Lic 12728
Direct: 647-795-8700 x101
Office: 1-877-245-1185 x101
Email: james@mortgages.ca

James is a Mortgage Broker with over 10 years of experience and award winning results. He is one of the top Mortgage Brokers in the country and has been listed as a CMP Top 75 Mortgage Broker every year in the business.

“I will offer you a solution that is created based on your individual financial goals. I will provide you with the best rates, terms, and products available on the market at all times. With VIP status with all of the major lenders you are always guaranteed to get the best options to meet your needs.”

Expect the best service in the industry, terrific rates and a quick response time from the team at mortgages.ca. James responds within hours and follows-up with clients throughout the entire process. There is no obligation when you ask them to look into your rates, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
“Dare to compare” “Toronto’s best Mortgage Broker”


mortgage brokers - Steve Harrison

Steve Harrison

Vice President and Co-Founder

Steve Harrison, AMP
Mortgage Agent
FSCO Lic. M12001388
Mortgage Architects Brokerage Lic 12728
Direct: 647-795-8700 x102
Toll-Free: 1-877-245-1185 ext: 102
Email: steve@mortgages.ca

If you are looking to purchase a home, renew your existing mortgage, or refinance your current mortgage in order to free up some home equity, pay off debts or pay for that addition you’ve always wanted, then Steve may have the perfect solution for you.

Steve prides himself on finding clients the best mortgage rates and mortgage product. He compares all of the current offerings from over 50 different lenders (including major banks, credit unions, and trust companies) with a variety of products that best meet your needs. By doing so, you only require one credit check rather than several. (If you shop the banks’ rates without a mortgage broker, you’ll have multiple credit checks done in a short period of time. Inadvertently, you could be affecting your own credit rating!) Brokers work for you, not the lenders; and their goal is to save you both time and money when negotiating your mortgage.
Ask Steve to show you how to pay down your mortgage faster. He’s a wealth of knowledge.

And here’s the best part: This service for typical residential mortgages is entirely free!


mortgage brokers - Scott Nazareth

Scott Nazareth

Mortgage Agent

FSCO Lic. M14000035
Mortgage Architects Brokerage Lic 12728
Direct: 647-795-8700 x104
Office Toll Free: 1-877-245-1184
Email: scott@mortgages.ca

Scott strives to exceed expectations. He was awarded a spot-on CMP’s top 45 Hot List 2017 for his drive and determination to push the industry’s technology forward and at the 2017 Canadian Mortgage Awards, he was listed as a finalist for the best newcomer to the industry. He has been listed as a 2016 Young Gun – a list that displays Canada’s top mortgage professionals under the age of 35 where he was joined by Steve and James Harrison.  Scott graduated from the University of Toronto with an honours degree, and he learned a thing or two about organization and meeting deadlines. Bringing to the table over four years of experience from the insurance field, his main goal is to educate customers and to help them make informed decisions.  Scott is a people person, and loves to help clients achieve their goals. In his spare time, he volunteers with the Knights of Columbus – a Catholic fraternity where he holds a third-degree membership.



Sheri Rogers

Mortgage Agent

FSCO Lic. M17003002
Mortgage Architects Brokerage Lic 12728
Direct: 647-795-8700 x105
Email: sheri@mortgages.ca

Sheri, a Montreal transplant, is a marketing and sales professional with close to 20 years of experience working in advertising and commercial real estate.  Her main passion is connecting with people and helping them achieve their goals both personally and professionally.

Sheri’s business of connecting with people led her to launch a Japanese media agency in Canada, sell countless luxury and non luxury cars, connect consumers with numerous local and international fashion brands and helped clients find the right real estate solutions for their needs.

A self proclaimed real estate, design and finance junkie, Sheri decided to migrate her efforts to the mortgage financing side of the real estate world where her mission is simple: connect people with the right mortgage solution for their individual needs.

Whether this is your first or fiftieth mortgage, reach out and let Sheri connect you with the most appropriate mortgage solution for you.

When not working on mortgage solutions for her clients you can find Sheri scoping out local furniture designers and the latest real estate listings ….. she really is a design and real estate junkie.


Zayna Al-Abedy

Senior Underwriter /Fulfillment Specialist

Mortgage Architects Brokerage Lic 12728
Direct: 647-795-8700 x103
Toll Free: 1-877-245-1184
Email: zayna@mortgages.ca

Zayna was licensed as a mortgage professional in 2014 however she began her career in the mortgage industry in 2013 as a credit analyst. She assisted agents with packaging, submitting and fulfilling all deals to ensure clients have a smooth and successful financing experience. She later worked as a business development manager in Vaughn, but realized her true passion was as an underwriter.

Zayna is very excited to be working with the professionals at Mortgages.Ca’ and our clients. She very analytical and detail oriented. She enjoys working with clients and ensuring their satisfaction with the closing process by keeping them informed every step of the way. Zayna has great relationship building skills with lenders, which really comes in handy if ever something unexpected arises.

Natalie Simons

Operations & Client Care Manager

Mortgage Architects Brokerage Lic 12728
Direct: 647-795-8700 x106
Email: natalie@mortgages.ca

Natalie is an operations and client care manager skilled in understanding people. Having spent 10+ years in real estate, tech and client care, Natalie knows that the mortgage application process does not need to be a difficult one. She has successfully supported tens of thousands of homeowners and buyers through the real estate process by promoting transparency, prompt access to information and client care; the mortgage industry will be no different. Skilled in project management, business administration and client care and outreach, Natalie is driven by a passion to ensure her clients feel the support of an entire team of trusted professionals behind them.

Natalie received her Bachelor of Arts from Wilfrid Laurier University, her Master of Arts from the University of Toronto, and later a post-grad certificate in Project Management.

Whether it be purchase, refinance or renewal, Natalie strives to un-complicate the complicated and be the positive part of your journey.


Vanessa Hartley

Senior Underwriter/Fulfillment Specialist

Mortgage Architects Brokerage Lic 12728
Direct: 647-795-8700 x107
Email: Vanessa@mortgages.ca

Vanessa Hartley is an Underwriter with over 16 years experience in mortgage lending.

Working for the largest non-bank lender as an Underwriting Manager, she has effectively lead profitable underwriting teams while maintaining high customer service levels to the broker – client and brings in depth knowledge of mortgage fulfillment.

Vanessa is described as a tireless worker and consummate professional who has a passionate drive to provide a positive stress free experience to her clients.  Outside of her role as a mortgage underwriter and fulfillment administrator, she has volunteered with various charities such as POGO and Raising the Roof in support of the fight against cancer and homelessness. She strives to live a clean and healthy lifestyle and is a bit of a fitness fanatic.

A strong believer that a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy soul correlates with more positive interactions with others in personal and professional life success!

Vanessa is dedicated to making your transaction as stress free as possible and is here for YOU to provide YOU with the support needed all the way to the funding of your mortgage.



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