Renewal and Switch Transfer

Have a mortgage renewing within the next 120 days? DO NOT sign your current lenders renewal sheet without taking 5 minutes to call us, that 5 minutes could save you thousands.  Sign up your renewal with us and we will monitor your mortgage to ensure that you renew your mortgage with the best product in the market for you.

Almost 70% of the people just sign their mortgage renewal documents, no questions asked. Homeowners think that what they are being offered at renewal time is a reasonable rate as established customers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Banks know that customers are unlikely to shop for a better mortgage and they make huge profits on renewals at their regular posted rates. They’re not interested in giving you a break; they need to make a profit.

Finding a better deal when renewing your mortgage is not hard when you use the services of an Accredited Mortgage Professional. Contact us well before renewal time so that we can start working for you. We are here to answer all your questions and to find products that suit your lifestyle and finances.

Mortgage professionals have many advantages

We have access to multiple lenders and have strong working relationships with them too. We are well-versed in the mortgage industry which is highly competitive and knowledge-driven. We are here to find you the best possible products and save you valuable time and money. We work for you, while the lender pays us a finder’s fee when we bring them qualified clients. This is a win-win situation as they get best clients and you get the best mortgage. It’s in our best interests to find you the best mortgage that we can find for you. We have access to many lenders that don’t publish their rates and offer exclusive promotions not publically advertised.

Pre-approvals and Rate Lock-In

We can also get you pre-approval and lock in your rate for up to 120 days. This means rate protection should the interest rates increase. There are also other considerations at renewal time that we can help you with. You can pay off all or part of your mortgage, you can change the length of the term of your mortgage between renewals, you can adjust the length of time you need to pay the mortgage off in full and you can change the frequency of your payments. There is no reason to stick with your existing terms if they do not suit your needs. Revised terms can save you thousands of dollars and make life easier.

Even if there is a fee to discharge your existing mortgage, substantial long-term savings will prove to be worth the up front costs. A broker can help you crunch the numbers to find out what is best for you.

An Accredited Mortgage Broker is an industry professional governed by strict ethics and standards. We will continue to work with you even after we find you your ideal mortgage. When you need us we are here for advice and strategies for you to reach your goals in the quickest and most efficient way possible.