professional mortgage broker

Information alone is not enough. A professional mortgage broker has something far more valuable: years of experience and your needs in mind. They put the information in context, they anticipate the variables and find the best loan for you. This is the kind of help you don’t want to be without.


Mortgage brokers save you time
With an experienced and knowledgeable broker, you won’t have to wade through complex information on your own. They help you make the smartest decisions.

Mortgage brokers give you choice
Mortgage brokers have access to a wide panel of lenders which gives you access to an extensive range of products and services.

Mortgage brokers handle the details
A professional mortgage broker navigates through the obstacles and manages every transaction with the real estate agent, lender, appraiser, credit agency, and lawyers – always with your interests in mind.

Mortgage brokers have negotiating power
Your professional mortgage broker has established relationships with lenders and that elevates their negotiating power on your behalf. A mortgage broker is your essential partner in the mortgage process.


professional mortgage broker

First Time home buyers
Buying your first home can seem rather intimidating. But this entire process can be made much easier on you when you’re working with the right team of experts. Read More

professional mortgage broker

Pre-payment options
Every lender has different Pre-Payment options. This can be a great way to pay down extra principle without incurring any penalties. Read More

Understanding Credit
As credit has become more and more abundant in our society, your credit report, and thus your credit rating, has become more important in your daily life. Read More

Mortgage Protection Insurance
Competitive Premium Rates – They compete with the major banks to be a competitively priced product. Their Disability product is one of the cheapest in the industry. Read More

Mortgage Checklist is able to help clients with all of your Pre-Approval, Home Purchase, Renewal/ Transfer and Refinancing needs. Read More

Land Transfer Tax
Unless you live in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or rural Nova Scotia, a land transfer tax will be levied on properties purchased. Read More

Mortgage Terms
Registry System: A condensed history of the title to a parcel of land. The abstract consists of a synopsis of every recorded instrument affecting the title to that land arranged in chronological order of recording. Read More

Insured Mortgages
If you are looking to purchase a property with less than 20% of the purchase price as a down payment, Read More

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