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James Harrison, AMP

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Scott Nazareth

Vern Bovell

Zayna Al-Abedy

Edna Snyder

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FSCO Lic. M12001773

Mortgage Architects Brokerage

Lic 12728

FSCO Lic. M12001388

Mortgage Architects Brokerage

Lic 12728

FFSCO Lic. M14000035

Mortgage Architects Brokerage

Lic 12728

Mortgage Architects Brokerage

Lic 12728

Mortgage Architects Brokerage

Lic 12728

FSCO Lic. M12001773

Mortgage Architects Brokerage

Lic 12728

Mortgage Fulfillment Specialist

James is a Mortgage Broker with over 15 years of experience and award winning results.

My goal is for my clients to be fully educated on all things mortgages...I want my clients to be able to make the most educated and informed decision possible when selecting a Mortgage that is right for them. The Lowest perceived rate does not = the lowest cost. I want my clients to pay as little money as possible over the life of their mortgage while maintaining the most possible control and flexibility.

As the #1 Mortgage Broker in Canada (for Mortgage Architects - based on funded volume in 2021) I have VIP status and access to all lenders so you always have the best options possible to meet and exceed your financial goals.

James has personally funded over 1 billion dollars in mortgages and helped thousands of clients realize the dream of home ownership. James was just nominated for the prestigious award of "Mortgage broker of the year" for all of Canada, among over 20,000+ mortgage brokers across Canada.

James and his company ( were also nominated for the second time for the ultra prestigious "Outstanding customer service award for an individual office" - Another award they are most proud off as James and the team's number one priority is customer service and delivering the "5 star hotel experience".

Please make sure to read my client reviews to learn more about what its like to work with me and my team.

My VIP clients can expect the best service in the industry, terrific rates and quick response times from me and my team.

I look forward to helping you now and for the life of your mortgage.

If you are looking to purchase a home, renew your existing mortgage, or refinance your current mortgage in order to free up some home equity, pay off debts or pay for that addition you've always wanted, then Steve may have the perfect solution for you.

Steve prides himself on finding clients the best mortgage rates and mortgage product. He compares all of the current offerings from over 50 different lenders (including major banks, credit unions, and trust companies) with a variety of products that best meet your needs. By doing so, you only require one credit check rather than several. (If you shop the banks' rates without a mortgage broker, you'll have multiple credit checks done in a short period of time. Inadvertently, you could be affecting your own credit rating!) Brokers work for you, not the lenders; and their goal is to save you both time and money when negotiating your mortgage.

Ask Steve to show you how to pay down your mortgage faster. He's a wealth of knowledge.

And here's the best part: This service for typical residential mortgages is entirely free!

Scott strives to exceed expectations. He was awarded a spot-on CMP's top 45 Hot List 2017 for his drive and determination to push the industry's technology forward and at the 2017 Canadian Mortgage Awards, he was listed as a finalist for the best newcomer to the industry. He has been listed as a 2016 Young Gun - a list that displays Canada's top mortgage professionals under the age of 35 where he was joined by Steve and James Harrison.

Scott graduated from the University of Toronto with an honours degree, and he learned a thing or two about organization and meeting deadlines. Bringing to the table over four years of experience from the insurance field, his main goal is to educate customers and to help them make informed decisions. Scott is a people person, and loves to help clients achieve their goals. In his spare time, he volunteers with the Knights of Columbus - a Catholic fraternity where he holds a third-degree membership.

Vern is a mortgage agent with over 12 years experience in the industry.

He takes pride in his customer service, and in helping his clients make sense of the best solution for their mortgage needs. His clients know why they have made the decisions & choices they have, based on their own specific financial needs and goals.

Vern has built great relationships with many lenders in the industry, including private and alternative lenders. His move to will help him to take advantage of an award winning team and status, to continue to serve his clients in the best manner possible.

In Vern's spare time, he gives back to the community by refereeing basketball games at all levels across Ontario.

Zayna was licensed as a mortgage professional in 2014 however she began her career in the mortgage industry in 2013 as a credit analyst. She assisted agents with packaging, submitting and fulfilling all deals to ensure clients have a smooth and successful financing experience. She later worked as a business development manager in Vaughn, but realized her true passion was as an underwriter.

Zayna is very excited to be working with the professionals at Mortgages.Ca' and our clients. She very analytical and detail oriented. She enjoys working with clients and ensuring their satisfaction with the closing process by keeping them informed every step of the way. Zayna has great relationship building skills with lenders, which really comes in handy if ever something unexpected arises.

Edna is a client care manager skilled in understanding people. Having spent 5+ years in client care, Edna knows how important is that her clients feels comfortable and at ease through out mortgage application process. Skilled in project management, business administration, and outreach, Edna is driven by a passion to ensure her clients feel the support of an entire team of trusted professionals behind them.

Edna received her Bachelor of Arts from University of Waterloo, and her post Graduate Certificate from Seneca College in Visual Effects for Film & Television.

Mayra was licensed as a mortgage professional in 2018; however, she began her career in the mortgage industry in 2007 as an Administrative Assistant at DHI Mortgage in the United States. For the past four years, she assisted agents at Northwood Mortgage with packaging, submitting and fulfilling deals with thoroughness to ensure clients have the best financing experience.

Mayra has the utmost respect for her colleagues and clients. She is a team player and ready to learn, to help, and to ensure her job gets done in a timely fashion.


Ambassador Award 2020 2020 Canadian Mortgage Awards 2020 Award Of Excellence 2020 Presidents Platinum Club Customer Service Award Brokers Medal 2017
Barry N

We are very happy with all the customer service, hard work and dedication from James and Laurie. I was able to ask all the important questions and get all the right answers as this was our 1st time buying our 1st home! The efficient and effective work really allowed me to feel at ease that I was getting the best service, rate and lender to make my dreams a reality! I recommend them for all future buyers. Their communication was perfect in instructing me to do have everything in place with closing! I will continue to recommend them!

Ann M. and the very personable James Harrison have always offered a quick response to any query, in-depth knowledge of mortgage options and concerns, and excellent service to the clients we have successfully referred. Looking forward to many more!

Marge and Ken (2017)

James was incredibly helpful and provided excellent service. This was my first mortgage so I had tons of questions and James was extremely patient, explained things really clearly, and made suggestions that showed he was really listening to my concerns. He was also very responsive, knowledgable, and absolutely lovely to work with. Thanks again James!

George I (Dec 2017)

My Bank of over 20 years would not give me the mortgage I required to keep my existing property and buy new. It took the bank 30 days to gather documentation to come to this conclusion. After calling James, he not only got me what I needed to move into my dream home, he got me approved by one of the top lenders in 1 hour. I would highly recommend James and his team!

Lester (Summer 2017)

I worked with James and his team for what was a purchase that had a very tight deadline to get a mortgage application done, have me approved, and close the deal. It was done professionally and efficiently. I would unhesitatingly recommend James and his team

Lee D

I’m so lucky I got in touch with Steve Harrison from Mortgages dot ca before signing anything with my bank or the broker my agent referred me to. Steve's ability and willingness to answer all of my questions as they came up day after day, was amazing. He was a great help throughout the process and even found me a significantly better rate than my bank or my realtor's broker. I want to encourage anyone who is in the market to contact Steve Harrison.  

Vincenzo Trombetta

I've been dealing with TD for 7 years... I was labeled as "VIP Customer"... I requested a mortgage on a new home and they basically told me that I had to close all my debt in order to get it, They even asked me to cash investments. did an analysis on my finances and identified the right mortgage for me.... Today I know own a house 20% more expensive and I pay 18 dollars less a year.... I kid you not... I'm willing to show proof. Facebook

Andrew Smith

Steve was excellent at answering our questions quickly and clearly. His professionalism gave us the confidence to make an aggressive offer which ended up being successful in the purchase of our 1st home. Thank you Steve, would recommend him to any one.

Jeff Bevilacqua

From the moment I sent a request to have our mortgage reviewed, Steve Harrison was consistently prompt, professional and extremely helpful. I’d consider myself a high maintenance client when it comes to getting answers, clarifications, and trying to work out the most favourable deal for my family’s interests. Steve made the whole process simple and transparent, and found us a rate we were happy with. I am pleased with our new mortgage that Steve set us up with through MCAP – especially the online portal which allows us to easily access and update payment information.

Brad Hibbard

Steve was there every step of the way to help with my first home purchase and answer the many questions I had. He got me a rate and term that I didn’t know was even possible! I couldn’t be happier with the level of customer service and professionalism. I highly recommend Steve to all of my friends and family.

Mahmood A

As a first home buyer, I was extremely cautious and needed guidance through the mortgage shopping and approval process. Scott Nazareth guidance was outstanding. Scott made himself available for questions around the clock. Scott is highly committed to provide his clients best mortgages available. I highly recommend him!

Josh (2017)

Scott was more than helpful throughout the entire process. It was our first time purchasing a home and the entire experience felt easy mostly due to Scott’s flexibility and organization. He stayed in constant contact via email and text and was always willing to meet up and go through any details we were unsure of. The rate he was able to get us was amazing which was the icing on the cake. If you want good rates and good service I highly recommend Thanks again Scott!!

Smiley G

When I purchased a home I went with Scott and wanted to express that he was amazing! I had purchased a new home before selling my own home and I had no conditions of sale on the purchase – so I had to sell. I was getting quite anxious as the 1st couple of weeks went by, but Scott calmed me down and said it’ll sell after March break. It sold over-asking price right after March break, just as he said! Then because the closing dates were different, I had to do a bridge. I had never bridged a mortgage before, and when looking it up found it to be a little more complicated than I had thought. Scott walked me through the whole process with my bottom line in mind. He simplified it in explaining how it works and what we needed to do. Scott was nice, with both me and my wife and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He also made himself available for questions at all times – which was awesome considering he was in Toronto and I was an hour away in another town. That’s important because people had thought this would be an obstacle to getting a mortgage. It wasn’t at all! He accommodated all of that, and became a friend. Simply put, he would be an asset to you as a mortgage broker. He genially cares about his clients.

John C

We worked with Scott on a mortgage for an unusual property north of Toronto. It was a long road as we had some issues with appraisals and water tests, but Scott was there for us every step of the way, answering quickly - even on evenings and weekends. We had a great experience and if we need another mortgage in the future will be contacting - Thanks!  

Ben S (2017)

James and Zayna were extremely helpful in finding the right mortgage for me. It was my first time going through the mortgage process but James was extremely helpful and patient. Can’t say enough good things about my experience with and James, and would recommend to anyone who needs a mortgage broker.

Ben S (2017)

James and Zayna were extremely helpful in finding the right mortgage for me. It was my first time going through the mortgage process but James was extremely helpful and patient. Can’t say enough good things about my experience with and James, and would recommend to anyone who needs a mortgage broker.

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