Steve Harrison

Vice President and Co-Founder

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Steve Harrison, AMP
Mortgage Agent
FSCO Lic. M12001388
Mortgage Architects Brokerage Lic 12728
Direct: 647-795-8700 x102
Toll-Free: 1-877-245-1185 ext: 102

If you are looking to purchase a home, renew your existing mortgage, or refinance your current mortgage in order to free up some home equity, pay off debts or pay for that addition you’ve always wanted, then Steve may have the perfect solution for you.

Steve prides himself on finding clients the best mortgage rates and mortgage product. He compares all of the current offerings from over 50 different lenders (including major banks, credit unions, and trust companies) with a variety of products that best meet your needs. By doing so, you only require one credit check rather than several. (If you shop the banks’ rates without a mortgage broker, you’ll have multiple credit checks done in a short period of time. Inadvertently, you could be affecting your own credit rating!) Brokers work for you, not the lenders; and their goal is to save you both time and money when negotiating your mortgage.
Ask Steve to show you how to pay down your mortgage faster. He’s a wealth of knowledge.

And here’s the best part: This service for typical residential mortgages is entirely free!





I’m so lucky I got in touch with Steve Harrison from Mortgages dot ca before signing anything with my bank or the broker my agent referred me to. Steve's ability and willingness to answer all of my questions as they came up day after day, was amazing. He was a great help throughout the process and even found me a significantly better rate than my bank or my realtor's broker. I want to encourage anyone who is in the market to contact Steve Harrison.  

Lee D

I've been dealing with TD for 7 years... I was labeled as "VIP Customer"... I requested a mortgage on a new home and they basically told me that I had to close all my debt in order to get it, They even asked me to cash investments. did an analysis on my finances and identified the right mortgage for me.... Today I know own a house 20% more expensive and I pay 18 dollars less a year.... I kid you not... I'm willing to show proof. Facebook

Vincenzo Trombetta

Steve was excellent at answering our questions quickly and clearly. His professionalism gave us the confidence to make an aggressive offer which ended up being successful in the purchase of our 1st home. Thank you Steve, would recommend him to any one.

Andrew Smith

From the moment I sent a request to have our mortgage reviewed, Steve Harrison was consistently prompt, professional and extremely helpful. I’d consider myself a high maintenance client when it comes to getting answers, clarifications, and trying to work out the most favourable deal for my family’s interests. Steve made the whole process simple and transparent, and found us a rate we were happy with. I am pleased with our new mortgage that Steve set us up with through MCAP – especially the online portal which allows us to easily access and update payment information.

Jeff Bevilacqua

Steve was there every step of the way to help with my first home purchase and answer the many questions I had. He got me a rate and term that I didn’t know was even possible! I couldn’t be happier with the level of customer service and professionalism. I highly recommend Steve to all of my friends and family.

Brad Hibbard

I was referred to Steve from a colleague and I have been blown away! Just got back from seeing my lawyer who actually fist pumped me on the amazing rate we got. Aside from the low rate, as a first time home buyer, Steve spent so much time with me helping me along the way and educating me on an area I felt I didn't know a lot about. I'm a studier and he provided all the content and clarity I needed. He was only a phone call away and always stopped to take the time Trust is everything and I feel so lucky to have had Steve during this whole process. Thank you Steve!!


Alyse O.

As first time homebuyers, finding the perfect home in Toronto within budget was challenging and full of learning experiences. Steve took the surprises and uncertainty out of the biggest purchase ( of our lives. He was able to answer all of our questions and ensure we had the information we'd need to make a decision. Trust me, as someone in financial risk management, I had A LOT of questions. And of course, No one could come close to the rate he got us. Thanks for helping us own our dream house and a piece of this great city!

Diane W.

This company is the greatest! Steve is SO knowledgeable and patient in answering ALL my questions. I loved dealing with them and this is the second time I have used them for my mortgage. Their rates are unbeatable and I don't even bother shopping around because the rates are excellent and their service is amazing. I love dealing with Steve and will recommend him to everyone. He is the best.

Sonya G

Such a comfortable, amiable, and calming process dealing with Steve throughout the introductory stage all the way through closing My wife and I recently purchased a home --- 1st time home buyers at that --- and as newcomers to the world of real estate lending we could not have been more satisfied with the way Steve helped to meet our needs. There was a great mix of active and passive management and we never felt any 'hard sell' or obligation. Steve's way of making us feel comfortable made our experience very satisfying.  

Neil R
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