I had the pleasure of working with James and his team to secure my first mortgage. As a first-time homebuyer, I had many questions – luckily, James was very knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. James and Zayna also made sure my paperwork was completed smoothly and in a timely manner. I couldn’t have asked for better service. Thank you!

Ai Vy Moeller

James was extremely helpful from the very beginning of our home search, his guidance and the final work to obtain a great mortgage made our house hunting experience a breeze in these very unpredictable times. A special mention of Zayna who was very patient and thorough in helping us get all the paper work together!
Our family will go them James again any time and highly recommend his and his team to all our friends and family.

Tara Jainudeen

James and his team were terrific to work with – super responsive, knowledgeable and flexible. They helped me complete an unexpectedly quick purchase/mortgage application with very little stress. Special shout out to Zayna who was incredibly patient. Will definitely work with them again.

Amala 77

Mortgages.ca checks all the boxes. HIGHLY recommended! James, Mayra and the whole team spent a great deal of time with us not only on the phone but via email to help us to understand the current landscape, to explore all of our options, and to make an informed decision regarding mortgage products with all of the pros and cons. James is not “coin-operated”, meaning he’s not focused exclusively on closing your deal and moving on to the next one; he truly cares about making sure you get the best product for your needs. They also went the extra mile and gave us money out of their own pocket to cover the difference between what was supposed to be our final payout from the financial institution we ended up choosing and what we actually received. I can’t say enough about much we enjoyed working with this great company.

Dave Gussin

Great service from James and Mayra! Very organized team, knowledgeable and overall excellent experience in helping us navigate the options.

Redon Gallani

James and his team provide valuable guidance to us throughout our home buying process. They were quick to respond to every questions we had and ensured that our process was as smooth as it could be. Mayra, who worked with us on our file, was always available to speak with us even though she was travelling and attending to a personal emergency. This speaks a lot about their professionalism. I would recommend them for your mortgage needs, especially if you are first time home buyer.