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DISCOVER YOUR PATH TO FINANCIAL FLEXIBILITY Programs is a Toronto-based team of top performing mortgage brokers. They work with home buyers and major lenders to find their clients perfectly matched mortgage products.

Explore our diverse range of mortgage programs tailored to your financial goals. From first-time homebuyers to refinancing options, we're here to guide you through every step of your homeownership journey.

Purchase Plus Improvements

Add Value Now – this is a great product to update and add value – its not a product for a total gut job, as the work you do has to be done within 90-180 days (depending on the lender)  When you buy a home people may have plans to do work – but getting… View Article

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New to Canada Financing

Highlights: Typically, for an applicant to be considered “New to Canada” they have immigrated to Canada within the last five years. The reason for this distinction is, within the first 5 years of being in Canada you will have limited credit history. When a bank is reviewing your application, standard underwriting guidelines for credit and… View Article

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If you want to have a stand-alone home line of credit the max you can have = 65% (loan to value) For example:  $1,000,000 home (or appraised value) = $800,000 max  $150,000 mortgage term (anything you like ie: fixed/variable/3yr/5yr with 25-30yr am etc)  $650,000 home line of credit  = $800,000 total  or  $650,000 home line… View Article

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Investment Properties

Buying an investment property is a popular option for Canadians looking at different ways to invest their money. Let’s explore how you could buy an investment property yourself. Investment property mortgages The first thing you need to consider is the number of units your building will have. Most buildings with 1-4 units are zoned residential,… View Article

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Vacation/Secondary Homes Program

Believe it or not, Canadians can buy a vacation or secondary home with as little as 5% down payment.  Let us explore how to make your dreams come true with owning your very own Cottage or Vacation home. There are two main categories with respect to secondary homes, Type A and Type B. Let’s explore… View Article

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Non Resident Lending

There are 2 main options for Non-resident lending: US non resident lending  Non-resident lending (outside of North America)  Other items to consider: Reach out to the seasoned pros at who can help you determine what you qualify for under non resident lending guidelines 🙂 ***Please note – there is currently a Foreign buyer ban… View Article

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Self-employed – Using corporate income: 

This is an amazing “secret” program for those who are self employed and who own their own company.  Those who strategically leave more of their company earnings in the business.   If you have a successful corporation that earns great income and has great NET INCOME AFTER TAX – this could be how you buy your… View Article

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New Doctor Program

NEW Doctor Mortgages This is a great program that allows borrower qualification to be based on the use of future (projected) income for medical professionals who are in the process of completing or have recently completed their residency/fellowship within the last 36 months.  Borrower Qualifications  Eligible Loan Purposes  Maximum Loan to Value:  Amortization Documentation Requirements … View Article

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Mortgage Renewal

Consider your financial needs and goals: If you’re carrying unsecured or secured debts, this juncture is ideal for refinancing to consolidate them into a single, low-cost option. This move not only facilitates debt repayment but also can translate into significant interest savings and increased monthly cash flow. Assessing your plan’s viability is paramount, particularly in… View Article

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Private Lending

Private lending is a catch-all term used to describe individual investors OR mortgage investment corporations providing financing for real estate. Sometimes referred to as a lender of last resort or a great short term solution. Private lending can be an effective tool depending on the circumstances. In some cases, where the financing is specialized or… View Article

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Cash Back Mortgage

You have probably heard that some lenders offer a cash-back incentive when you open a bank account with them, but when it comes to mortgages, how does it work? There are two types of cash-back incentives when it comes to mortgage financing. Here we will outline the two different incentives for you… Promotions  Cash Back… View Article

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Flex Down

Saving for a down payment is often the hardest part of buying a home.  Did you know that there is a program that would allow you to borrow the down payment in order to get into your new home sooner than you may have thought. The Flex Down program allows you to use borrowed funds… View Article

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"Dare to compare with Canada's award winning mortgage team.
We work for you and not the banks so we always have your best interests in mind."

James Harrison, President

Hear from our happy clients

  • I have used for both my mortgages and both times Scott has exceeded my expectations. Scott & Adam were absolutely fantastic this past time in securing me a great rate and putting my mind at ease in the process. They were able to navigate and mitigate complex issues with cross boarder signing and made the process as smooth as possible. Outstanding work by them both, I will certainly be recommending to friends + family and utilizing in future as well.

    Laura Camacho

  • James was extremely helpful from the very beginning of our home search, his guidance and the final work to obtain a great mortgage made our house hunting experience a breeze in these very unpredictable times. A special mention of Zayna who was very patient and thorough in helping us get all the paper work together!
    Our family will go them James again any time and highly recommend his and his team to all our friends and family.

    Tara Jainudeen

  • Our deadlines were incredibly tight and the pressure was on but you wouldn’t have known for a second that Sheri was stressed. She was the calm we needed to keep things moving and close our deal.

    Mike Warsak

  • I’ve been working with Steve to refinance my mortgage and I couldn’t have had a better service anywhere else. It was my third time working with him and I strongly recommend his services to anyone! He knows how to make the process as simple as possible and is always there to resolve any tricky situations, which may happen when dealing with banks. Thanks again for everything, Steve!

    Remy Leclerc

  • I was referred to James in 2018 when looking to buying our first condo and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. James helped us secure an excellent mortgage solution. We did not have a great deal of knowledge and experience in these matters and James helped us gain the understanding we needed and made the whole process very simple and friendly.

    Fast forward to the far more frightening real estate scene in 2023 when I was dreading renewing in this new market. James contacted me and went to work to find us the best options and helped us to select the best arrangement for our needs. If I had realized how much James and Mayra were able to help us, I wouldn’t have lost all the sleep worrying that I did. I knew we were in good hands. I cannot recommend them enough and they have a client for life with me. 5 stars are not enough to express my satisfaction.

    Kyle Kitagawa

  • James and Mayra were extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire process of getting a mortgage! As first time buyers they spent the time to make everything easy and help us through any questions! Highly Recommended

    Alec Laws

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Some questions answered

  • What does do?

    Mortgages.Ca is an award winning group of mortgage professionals. We provide unbiased mortgage financing advice and tailored solutions for borrowers based on their individual needs and circumstances. We don’t work for the banks, we work for you and in most cases our services are completely free!

  • What’s the advantage of working with a broker?

    Working with a mortgage broker provides a consumer the greatest level of choice and unbiased options when compared to working with an individual bank. Our interests are aligned, as a small business our goal is to save you money for the life of your mortgage. Our experienced and high producing agents have the best lender relationships in the business to get you the best product and terms you qualify for. We work with over 30 lenders and receive volume discounts which are passed on to you as the consumer!

  • How do mortgage brokers get paid?

    In most cases, we are provided a finders fee from the mortgage lender you select. The lender compensates us for facilitating the mortgage and choosing them. For complicated cases there may be additional costs, our core operating principle is transparency so feel free to reach out to your mortgage broker and ask up front :)

  • Should I shop around for different mortgage brokers?

    It's important for you to trust and feel comfortable with whoever you decide to work with. Creating multiple mortgage applications with different brokers can have a negative impact on your credit score and qualifying. If you would like to interview one of our brokers to see if we are the right fit, we are more than happy to chat with you :)

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