Protect Your Mortgage with Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPP)

We offer mortgage protection insurance for the balance of your mortgage.  Our product is better than any one lender’s coverage and is portable from property to property without having to re qualify – which is unique as it is not tied to any one lender. 

If you do not have any other life or disability insurance to cover the full mortgage amount – this can be a great alternative or addition to your current coverage. 

Why choose Mortgage Protection Insurance? We’ve got some compelling reasons that make it a top choice for safeguarding your home and peace of mind

1. Competitive Premium Rates: We’re in the ring with the big banks when it comes to pricing. Our goal is to offer you a competitively priced product that rivals the major players. Plus, our Disability product is known for being one of the most affordable in the industry.

2. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee: We get it; things can change. That’s why we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Choose MPP today, and if you have second thoughts within the first 60 days, it won’t cost you a dime to make a change.

3. Fully Portable Product: Life is unpredictable, and so are your housing needs. With MPP, your insurance can move seamlessly from lender to lender and property to property. The best part? Premiums won’t hike up during the amortization period. If you need additional funds down the road, only the “topped-up” portion will be priced at your current age.

4. Auto Approval: Need coverage in a hurry? No worries! Mortgage amounts under $300,000 with “No” answers to health questions are auto-approved. You can enjoy “instant coverage” if that’s your preference.

5. No Post Claims Underwriting: We’re all about transparency. For mortgage amounts over $300,000 or when you answer “Yes” to a health question, a paramedical is required. This may sound like extra work, but it’s in your best interest. By getting those “medical skeletons” out of the closet upfront, we’re better equipped to pay claims down the road if they arise.

6. Extended Amortizations: Got a unique mortgage arrangement? No problem. We cover extended amortizations at no extra cost in premiums to you.

7. Disability Stand Alone: Unlike the banks that bundle Life insurance with Disability, we offer our Disability coverage by itself. You have the flexibility to choose Disability with or without our Life protection.

8. Disability Not Reportable or Taxable: Good news – our Disability benefits aren’t reported or taxed. That’s because they’re paying the lender directly, not you.

9. Interim Mortgage Payments: In the unfortunate event of death, MPP steps in to make interim mortgage payments while the claim is being processed. We’re here to ease your family’s financial burden during a challenging time.

10. Underwritten up front in most cases: Trust matters, and Manulife is a name you can rely on. We’re proud to be underwritten by an industry leader with a long-standing reputation for excellence.

Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPP)

So, when it comes to protecting your mortgage, don’t settle for less. Choose Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPP) from Manulife – your home’s safety net in an unpredictable world.